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Tips On Owning A Corgi

Owning a Corgi can be great for the family or just for a friend to have a round. But with this, there is responsibilities. And you should always think of your Corgi or Corgis as a part of the family. To help keep your Corgi in shape, try walking them four to five times a week depending on where you live. If you are living down town, close to work where they have almost no space to walking your Corgi around, you may try walking them around town on less busier streets at non rush hour times. But, if you are out of down town or have a yard, it is a good items to let your Corgi to go run around outside to get some exercise.

While thinking of your Corgi as a part of the family, you should always have your Corgi in most of your family time. ( I wouldn’t suggest having your Corgi join you for dinner if he or she likes to eat food, and tries to beg for it.) But like during Christmas, have a present or two for your Corgi.

Training your Corgi can also be a great time to bond with your Corgi. Instead of sending your Corgi off to some trainer that will cost you money (unless you want your Corgi to learn a trick but you have to no time to teach him or her) you should think about doing this. You could also try taking your Corgi to the park to teach them trick. Not only can you exercise, play, and teach your Corgi, but it will be also be good to get your Corgi the fresh air. These are just some of the things you can do to help your Corgi have a longer and happier life, and help you get closer with your Corgi.

Tips On How To Train Your Corgi

Training your Corgi can sometimes become hard depending on three different things: Your surroundings, the way you train, and what you are training. If someone was training their Corgi not to chew on a chair, table, and so on, that person would have to try and block off the area or object so the Corgi couldn’t get to it. And if he was to find his Corgi chewing on that object, he would have to say “NO” in loud, and firm voice. Never let your Corgi chew something he shouldn’t, and then after thirty minutes or a hour go yell and get mad at your Corgi. Your Corgi will not know what he has done wrong. This also goes for training your Corgi not to pee on something or in one area. If you do come home, or find that your Corgi have chewed something, or went to the bathroom on something, do not hurt your Corgi. Hurting your corgi can lead to several problems.

Now if you are training your Corgi to do trick or go to the bathroom in one area, and so on, the most important thing you will need will be something to reward your Corgi. A dog bone or even petting your Corgi can be the reward. But always make sure to reward your Corgi for doing the right thing. While training your Corgi a trick, you should make sure to only have short ten to fifth teen minute training periods. And try to keep it down to two to three times a day max. When you are training a Corgi to go to the bathroom, you should try to take your Corgi out every hour, and after your corgi drinks a lot of water or eats.

The surroundings is a major part of training your Corgi. If you are training your Corgi next to something that keeps distracting your Corgi, you have almost no chance of your Corgi learning anything. But, if you train your Corgi in a quiet or non distracting area, you will have a much better chance of teaching your Corgi whatever it is your teaching him. Also, try not to get mad at your Corgi if he or she doesn’t get it the first time. After a while your Corgi will learn what he or she is being taught. This is a short little guide on how to help you train your Corgi. Good luck, and have fun training.

When Your Corgi Is Eating Poop

Some corgis may have some habits that are not the best to have. For this, you better try and stop right away. To try and eat stop this habit, here are some tips. Try and keep the area your corgi goes to free of droppings. If you are walking and your corgi notices some droppings in the conner of his or her and your corgi goes for it, may you have a tight grip on your leash and walk your corgi away from it. Clean up your corgi’s dropping the second he or she has gone to try and correct this. And if there is another way, there are some smells that are in a liquid and may keep your corgi away from a area. Try and find a good way to correct these habit, and it will pay off in the future.