Identifying Your Corgi’s Personality

Why Finding Your Corgi’s Personality Is Important

Besides what every corgi personality normally has, energetic, loving, and playful, every corgi has other traits to make their personality unique. Any attempt to train or instruct a corgi not on the basis of their individuality is not likely to succeed. As a corgi owner you have to be keen enough to identify what type of mannerism and behavior your dog has. In this case, you will be able to tailor your treatment towards him and meet his specific needs and wants. You can properly motivate and effectively teach him some good manners or teach him to unlearn some of those bad ones.

How To Identify Your Corgi’s Personality

Your corgis can sense the way you value and respect them. As you recognize their individuality they will understand their place and role in your home, neighborhood, and environment. They possess the natural instinct to live in packs. And for them to know where they are in your everyday routine and lifestyle, they behave comfortably and confidently. Canines become aggressive and threatening if they are treated as one, while those that are treated in a friendly and loving manner behave accordingly.

You can also identify your corgi’s behavior when he meets with other dogs, probably of different breeds. Corgis interact with other dogs. Their body language will show it. Wagging of stubs or tails may show fondness. Low growls, raised ears, exposed sharp teeth may indicate they are threatened. They, themselves, can sense when there is a bad or good chemistry between one of their kinds. There are dogs that don’t like sudden greetings by suspicious unfriendly ones.

Be careful when your corgi wants to play with other dogs. Like a person, your corgi is a thinking, breathing creature who could suddenly have “bad chemistry” with another dog. Don’t wait for a dogfight to find out – learn how to read your ‘s body language. Plus, even if your corgi loves all other dogs, an unsuspecting not-as-friendly dog will not appreciate a sudden greeting.

When Your Corgi’s Personality Develops

Growing pups are like human babies that experience stages and changes. They also explore, get curious, and can be taught. Dog trainers say “don’t let these pups chew anything today if you don’t want to be chewed tomorrow.” So what is taught today for these growing puppies in your homes may also determine and develop their future behaviors and individuality.

Corgis mature only when they reach 3 years old. You can be keen of the single uniqueness of your own corgi from others. By that, you can have the authority over him by giving consistent training especially their “testing” stages where they are mostly vulnerable and open.

The Common Corgi Personality: Energetic

A corgi is the energetic type (like many Pembroke and Cardigan corgis) if he constantly runs around and plays on about everything he sees. These types of dogs most likely are happier to establish a life outdoor. They are the best company for camping and hiking. Dogs, which are calmer and laid-back, can be best as guard dogs. They seem to be contented staying and cuddled under their master’s feet.

It is quite difficult to ask a corgi to perform work in which he does not want to do. To please an energetic corgi by confining him in a small space may be unpleasant to him, similar to a calm, laid back dog finds it hard to pick a thrown Frisbee.

The Effect Of Food On Your Corgi’s Personality

The kind of food your eats may directly affect his behavior and personality. Like humans, diet dictates their responses in their workplaces, family problems, peer pressures and individual stress. A well-fed and healthy corgi enjoys being around and are more obedient than dogs which are kept hungry for days.

A Overview Of How To Identify Your Corgi’s Personality

When identifying your corgi’s personality, look at how your corgi interacts with his or her environment. Especially if other dogs are around. Besides the usual personality that every corgi has ( loving, playful, and energetic ), every corgi has a personality unique to them. This develops during the first few years of a corgi’s life.

Other dogs do influence your corgi’s personality because of the instinct of being in a pack. In packs, the runt of liter will act much differently than the alpha of the group, and both of their personalities will reflect that.

A corgi’s personality will also reflect its owner in some ways and how you interact with your corgi will effect the personality too. Someone who is outgoing will most likely have a corgi who is outgoing while someone who is shy will have a corgi that is shy. If you walk a lot with your corgi, you will be more likely have a corgi who will be more energetic while playing with your corgi will cause your corgi to be more playful.

Looking at how your corgi is interacted with, how he or she grew up, and what foods your corgi eats can give you an idea of what your corgi’s personality is or will be.


  1. It seems you know your corgi personality very well. Good Job.

  2. Maybe you can assist me being that there is so much about corgi’s on here, yet I havent been able to find a great answer. My question refers to my roomates corgi who we beleive is a peckinesse mix as well we are unsure since she rescued him from a shelter. He is probably about six years old and for the past four years we have never had a problem with him while wer were living together he has always been very calm and very loving. recently in the past six months my roomate moved in with her boyfriend and is now pregnant. We dont think he is handling the change environment very well. he’s never been aggressive towards anyone, and the past few months he has bitten her boyfriend and came out of a closet after him to attack. When the boyfriend tries to call him over or gets on the ground the dog urinates or urinates if the boyfriend tries to pick him up. We cant figure out what is causing this behavior, or how to fix it. like i said its only with this particular boyfriend he isnt aggressive towards her or anyone or anything else, we need to find some help cause he is like her child and if the behavior doesnt stop she fears she will have to get rid of him since they dont want to take a risk he may keep acting this way or maybe bite there infant when she has her, which i dont beleive he will hes very protective over the mom to be and hes not an aggressive dog unless its the boyfriends concern,. please help anyone!!

  3. I’m not entirely certain in what the change in behavior is caused by, but could it possibly be from how the boyfriend treats the Corgi? If he’s teasing your Corgi, it’s a good chance that your Corgi will be aggressive towards him. I can tell you that when he urinates from being picked up by the boyfriend he’s submitting. I’d recommend having him approach your Corgi with his palms face up and avoid picking him up as much as possible. You could try having him bond with your Corgi by playing fetch or having him give your Corgi a treat every once in a while. The only other thing that I could think of is that your Corgi is being protective of the mom, like you said, and is assuming that any type of approach is a threat to her. It could pass with time, but I would recommend trying other solutions if these do not work.